3rd Annual 13th District Town-Hall

After analyzing our most insistent concerns from constituents which included but not limited to– vacant/nuisance houses, overweight trucks, water bill assistance, and public safety– we wanted to take a different approach and focus primarily on legislation and policy, but without disregarding the daily quality of life concerns. We invited DHCD to speak about the community development block grant program and receivership; DOT to discuss the Complete Streets Ordinance and current projects occurring in the district; DPW to present the H2O Assistance program for folks struggling with their water bills. For quality of life concerns, operational staff were present to document and address concerns directly.
Because one of the principal purposes for elected officials is to enact legislation that supports their constituency, we encouraged attendees to submit legislation ideas to promote and ensure inclusivity. Overall, our third annual townhall was engaging and informative, and we have followed up with most attendees via phone or email. Please contact the office to learn more about the topics discussed at the Town Hall in case you missed it!