Welcome Fulton Bank

The 13th District is excited and thankful to have a new full-service bank enter the community! Fulton Bank is committed to building vibrant neighborhoods by promoting and assisting with homeownership, teach financial literacy, and aide with small business development!

Transparency and Oversight in Claims and Litigation “Gag-Order” Ordinance

At the Council meeting on July 22, Council President Scott and Councilwoman Sneed introduced an ordinance entitled “Transparency and Oversight in Claims and Litigation.” The bill would prohibit the use of non-disclosure provisions in settlement agreements for police misconduct and unlawful discrimination claims filed against Baltimore City. It would also require the City’s Law Department to publish information about claims filed.

For years, survivors of police misconduct have been required to not speak as a condition of their settlements. This decision opens the door for people to overtly speak their truth and begin to heal from past trauma. I have always been an advocate for transparency, fairness, and integrity between city government and the citizens it serves; this is a step in the right direction.

The ordinance has been in the works since the fall and is the result of collaboration with advocates, such as the ACLU of Maryland. On July 11, 2019, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in the Overbey v. Mayor of Baltimore case, found the Baltimore Police Department’s practice requiring victims of police brutality and misconduct to sign non-disclosure agreements to be unconstitutional.

Bridging the Gap

After being frustrated with the recent crime in our city, I made a general post to the public about coming together to start discussing solutions.

Today we had that meeting with young men seeking opportunity and folks with access to those opportunities. A beautiful and candid conversation blossomed out of frustration.

We discussed the reality young men entrenched in poverty face every day, and the constant struggle to overcome it. The reoccurring theme of the conversation was workforce training, employment, financial literacy, and mental health support.

This is the first of many conversations and events! I am committed to bridging the gap between constituents and resources, and addressing root causes of violence!

Securing Security Wages

“State lawmakers have an important opportunity to help keep the public safe and inject sorely needed funds into our communities,” said Councilmember Shannon Sneed.

“Thousands of BWI, Port of Baltimore, Penn Station workers are Baltimore City residents who need and deserve to share in the prosperity they help create.”