The NEW Hoen Building

Great news District 13, Cross Street Partners and City Life are collaborating to restore the A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph building! Located between Biddle & Chase St. and Collington & Chester St., the Hoen building has been vacant since its closing in 1981. However, that will soon change with the project set to start in 2018. The new A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph building will serve as a mixed-use facility with a workforce training and development center, nonprofit and retail space with a café and bookstore! For more information about the history and project timeline, visit:

District 13 Youth worker

Meet Ayanna Williams, a 12th-grade student at Benjamin Franklin High School. Born and raised in Baltimore City, Ayanna is very smart, outspoken and eager to learn about city politics. Her favorite quote that she likes to live by is, “Be thankful for the hard times, for they have made you who you are.” I am excited to have her join our team as we work for District 13!


It is no secret that we have frequent problems related to dumping, trash accumulation, vacant properties, and rats. Driving home, if I see 311 violations that are tearing down our community, I am constantly submitting 311 requests and encourage everyone to do so as well. Ask yourself, are you doing everything you can do to restore hope in our neighborhoods? Are you a part of the solution or the problem? We ALL have to work together, regardless if you live in Armistead Gardens, Belair-Edison, Berea Eastside, Biddle Street, Broadway East, Middle East/Eager Park, Four by Four, Butchers Hill, CARE, Ellwood Park, Boceck & Madison-Eastend, McElderry Park, Milton-Montford, Orchard Ridge, Orangeville, Patterson Place, Upper Fells Point, or Washington Hill. #TogetherWEareDistrict13!

Town Hall Success

Tuesday, June 13th, a group of our community leaders, members, and friends gathered at Henderson-Hopkins Elementary/Middle school for our first District 13 town hall meeting. We heard from City Officials who are working to fix some of the issues we have and we were also able to have a candid conversation about the progress of our district. Thank you to everyone who attended and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you,
Councilwoman Shannon Sneed