Opposing the Expansion of Turning Point

 I have listened to constituent concerns and we want businesses to be good neighbors in our community! December 11th was my offices’ second time appearing before the Board of Municipal Zoning and Appeals (BMZA) to oppose the expansion of Turning Point Medical Center. While we want to help tackle drug addiction, the existing conditions surrounding the current facility is alarming for residents who live in the community and patients who receive treatment. 
Thank you to the community leaders who came together and testified at the BMZA hearing against the expansion of Turning Point. The BMZA did not approve their appeal! 

Statement on Recent Crime

It saddens me about the violence that is taking place within our community. WE have to do better as a people! The violence that is taking place is not normal and our babies should not grow up thinking it is.

I always encourage residents to attend the Community Relations Council meetings that are held every month by each police district.
Eastern District meets every 4th Tuesday at 1620 Edison Hwy at 7pm
Northeastern District meets every 3rd Wednesday at 1900 Argonne Dr. at 7pm
Southeastern District meets every 1st Monday at 5710 Eastern Ave. at 7pm

I understand this is not just a law enforcement issue but a public health issue. This is why we have to continue to work for access to resources, equitable funding for schools and workforce development programs. As a community, we have to be attentive, receptive and communicate with each other.

Resolution 18-011R

After spending time with nurses at their National Nurses United event and learning more about the working conditions at John Hopkins, I introduced a Resolution 18-011R. Johns Hopkins Hospital is a world-class medical institution that serves people from across Baltimore as well as from across the world. Many Registered Nurses work at Hopkins for that reason and there is no reason why they do not deserve a world-class working environment as well.
The compassion and service RN’s give their patients are undermined by the poor working conditions, unsafe patient to nurse ratio, poor compensation and the frequent turnovers on the nursing staff.
I believe Johns Hopkins should not use anti-union consultants and tactics to intimidate and prevent RN’s from organizing. This resolution encourages the hospital to adopt a policy of neutrality and non-interference relating to the ongoing unionization efforts of Registered Nurses.

Need Assistance?

Residents of District 13, check out our new resource cards! This guide is intended to connect residents with resources from different departments and organizations, working to help Baltimore City residents!